Success Stories

My name is Wylla Henry, and I had an aneurysm that caused me to have a stroke that affected the movements on the left side of my body. After having such a life-changing situation affect me, I’ve experienced many barriers within my own home environment. I have been a consumer of BAIN since it first opened in 1995. I called to find out more about the services that could be provided to me to make my home accessible for me. BAIN has assisted me to set up my whole home so I can stay in my home and not worry about having to go to a nursing home. BAIN assisted me through the Medicaid program. I have been assisted with a power chair, manual wheelchair, Hoyer lift, and hospital bed. Through BAIN Programs, I have also received a roll-in shower, Gerri chair, widened doorways and a permanent wheelchair ramp. I am now my best cheap proofreader able to go into all rooms of the house while using my power chair. I have been able to go in and out of the house at my leisure to enjoy the outdoors and the onset of the cooler weather. I go out in my neighbor hood now. The roll-in shower and Gerri chair have given me the ability to take a shower without the risk of falling and injuring myself. I am extremely grateful for the assistance that has been provided to me through BAIN. The staff is always helpful. I have even called them at home and they have been there for me even when they are not working and I thank them so much.
Willa Henry