Our Programs

Low Cost EyeGlasses

BAIN, Inc. offers a low-cost eyeglass program where individuals can purchase quality glasses for an affordable price. Single vision lens are $37 and Bifocal lens are $42. To be able to to participate in the low-cost eyeglass program, the individual needing glasses must present an eyeglass prescription from an optometrist. Once the BAIN staff has received the prescription, the proper measurements can be done to process the order for the glasses. It takes approximately seven to ten business days to receive the glasses. This program has assisted many individuals in purchasing eyeglasses that otherwise could not afford them.

If the individual requests speciality lenses such as transitional or progressive, an estimated cost must be acquired from Eye Deal Eyewear before an exact cost can be determined.

Resource Room

BAIN, Inc. has a resource room filled with a vast array of pamphlets, brochures, magazines and catalogs that assist individuals in gaining knowledge of existing resources and differing types of disabilities. A computer with internet access is available for the public to use to learn more information about the world-wide web. BAIN also has a computer with the JAWS software installed on it. This allows the visually impaired to use the computer/internet as the computer “speaks” what is on the screen. BAIN also has Zoom Text on one of its computers, this allows the words on the screen to be much bigger and easier to read for the visualy impaired. BAIN, Inc. staff encourages all individuals to take advantage of the opportunity to come and learn more about different types of disabilities, existing resources and the community.

Home Modification

BAIN, Inc. offers a home modification program for individuals needing additions such as a ramp or hand rails to be able to live more independently. This program has been of assistance to many individuals who use wheelchairs that had no way of getting in and out of their home and visually impaired individuals who needed hand rails to help in guiding them up and down doorsteps. BAIN, Inc. collaborates with contractors who have the necessary ADA compliant knowledge to build the ramps and hand rails according to code. Individuals seeking assistance from the home modification program are also informed that there is a waiting list. Peer supporters stay in contact with each consumer to keep them informed of the progression being made toward completing their requests.

Although there is no charge for this program, donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Consumers find themselves well-pleased with the freedom and quality of life that this program provides for every day living.

Assistive Devices/equipment

BAIN, Inc. offers assistance with providing assistive devices and equipment necessary to help individuals in living a more productive, independent life. To be able to participate in this program, individuals must have a prescription from a medical doctor stating that devices and equipment are needed for this individual to perform tasks independently without assistance. Once the prescription is obtained, personnel from an equipment company are contacted to perform an assessment and measurements. After proper measurements are completed, the equipment is ordered and delivered to the consumer. Although there is no charge for this program, donations are encouraged and
greatly appreciated. Consumers are satisfied and excited to receive assistive devices that allow them to perform every day living tasks more independently.

Loan Closet

BAIN, Inc. offers a loan closet where individuals can check-out different pieces of equipment to assist in performing daily living tasks more independently. Such equipment consists of manual wheelchairs, raised toilet seats, shower chairs and benches, crutches, walkers, portable ramps, etcai??i??This loan closet has proven to be very helpful to consumers who are waiting to receive assistive devices/equipment and home modification renovations.

Home Access Program

This program improves the accessibility of homes in which an individual with a disability resides by offering a grant to the homeowner for the following activities:

  • Widening of interior/exterior doorways.
  • Construction of wheelchair ramps.
  • Bathroom retrofitting, including installation of grab bars, roll-in showers, and accessible sinks and toilets.
  • Installation of stair or porch lifts.
  • Improving the accessibility of kitchens.
  • Lowering or adjusting shelving in closets.
  • Installation of visual aids and audible alarms.
  • Local Building Code inspections of work completed by an independent third party.

Computer Recycling/Project Reboot

ReBoot-ATRC is an Assistive Technology Resource Center for Georgians with disabilities, their caregivers, service providers, advocates, and friends. ReBoot-ATRC, located in Tucker, Georgia, provides our state with resources and services relating to assistive technology. ReBoot-ATRC also operates the ReBoot project, a computer recycling program that refurbishes donated computer equipment and redistributes the rebuilt computers to people with disabilities.